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This June I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Theater, Film and Television, Animation Program. In the Program, I wrote, directed, and created several short films, gaining experience in many aspects of film production and storytelling.

My first short, Strength, was hand painted on cell sheets and shot with a down-shooter. Last fall I was accepted into the Adobe Initiative class where I wrote, directed, animated, and edited Invisible Scars using rotoscoping techniques and a green screen. The film was about domestic abuse and has been regularly shown to women at my hometown’s local crisis center. Elmer’s Nest, my first-year film, used a combination of classic animation techniques and digital compositing and was screened at four film festivals. My second-year film, Wepo, was created in 3D. From modeling and texturing to rigging, animating, and composting, the experience strengthened my skills across the board and introduced me to a media of film I hope to find my career in. Wepo was awarded "Best of Show" at the 2012 UCLA Festival of Animation and "Best International Film" at Little Big Shots Film Festival, and was screened at twelve additional festivals thus far. My thesis film, Maccupation, was the culmination of everything I learned during my studies and brought many new challenges with its seven characters and fully rendered forest.

During this past year, I have also had the opportunity to intern for two semesters and work as a Web designer at DreamWorks Animation. The experience introduced me to many amazing people who have mentored me, showed me how studios operate behind the scenes, taught me new programming skills, strengthened my artistic skills, and helped shape my future career. It was all tremendously rewarding and insightful.

With all my education and experiences over the past three years, I am excited to look forward to my professional future. I hope you enjoy my collection of work. If you are interested in working with me as a contract artist, please send me an email.

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