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Year: © 2012

Runtime: 00:03:42

Description: UCLA Animation Workshop Student Film. The story is about an alien named Wepo who stalls out in his spaceship in the middle of outter space.

Credits: Written, directed, produced, and animated by Jackie Marion. Voice by Benett Kim and Tory Marion. Sound editing by Vanessa Yee.

Festivals: 2012 UCLA Festival of Animation, 2012 San Diego Chilren's Film Festival, 2012 New Orleans Children's Film Festival, 2012 Los Angeles Children's Film Festival, 2012 Chicago Children's Film Festival, Rochester, NY Children's Film Festival, Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children, Little Big Shots: Melbourn's International Film Festival for Kids, 2013 Martha's Vineyard Film Festival

Awards: 2012 Best of Show at UCLA Festival of Animation, 2013 Best International Film at Little Big Shots

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