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Year: 2006

Media: inkjet printing, canvas fabric, misc

Dimensions: 7"x3.5"x9"

Description: I believe clothes hangers should adhere to clothes and not the other way around. What I suggest is an easily collapsible hanger that holds its shape until you need it not to. They would be made out of four pieces of recycled plastic hangers and hinged with bolts. The arms of the hanger fold to a quarter of its length span, ideal for smaller neck holes and storage. Pant-clips would be an optional attachment for all hangers so that the function reflects individual wardrobes. Also optional would be space-holding-clips that snap onto the rod hook and prevent hangers from crossing over and clothes knocking off. The bag has a main pouch for the folded down hangers and two smaller pockets for the additional pant-clips and space dividers and comes with a hook for the bag to be hung in your closet itself.

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